live playfully. 

comedy, Coaching, and interpersonal connections.  

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Striving to achieve a goal or a dream?  I can help you get from where you are to where you want to be.  Areas of expertise include Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, and Acting. Take your first step today.



Are you sad? Morose? Bored? Or maybe just not at this very moment laughing your guts out? I can fix this. In the best, non-operative or prescriptive way. Entertaining and clean.   


Creative Collaborator

Loved Soon By You? Working on something similarly awesome yourself? Bring Jessica on board to make it happen.



These Shining Lives

I recently finished co-directing the incredible story of the women who fought to ensure the safety and well being of all workplace employees.  An IVP Theater Co. Production.

The Jewish People's Choice Awards

It was such an honor to be nominated for the "Making a Difference in the Workplace" Award.  An incredible night celebrating inspiring change makers.

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Beyond the Etchings

Directing Project: Written with a former Vietnam veteran, Beyond the Etchings explores the lives of those who fought and the ones they left behind.  An IVP Theater Co. production. 

Commerical Voice Over

I had the privilege to voice this commercial spot for the new Veet Sensitive Precision expert.   



Ever since I took a comedy class my senior year at NYU, I was hooked.  Who knew that being short, bad at dating, and un-cool in high school would be the key to making people laugh?  I now do stand up at all types of events around the country, emcee dinners, and run improv workshops to help break the ice and bring people together. Give me a buzz to book me for your next event! 


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Have an audition you are preparing for? A big presentation or an interview coming up?  I can help you learn to master your skills so you can be ready and confident to be your best self.I have worked with actors and non-actors of all ages and abilities with great success and am confident that I can help you achieve your performance goals.

Using a wide range of techniques including Linklater voice training, theater games, and relaxation exercises I will give you the tools and the confidence to take the next step forward in your life and career.

I provide a comfortable, encouraging, and safe atmosphere for my coaching sessions and am very collaborative and open in my approach.

Creative Collaboration

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From Page to Stage: Director and Developer

I have over 15 years of experience directing shows and developing ideas with writers and collaborators.  I work with artists, playwrights, singer songwriters, and performers of all kinds to take their visions and make them realities. 

Have a project you want to get off the ground?  Let's brainstorm and collaborate!

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Want Jessica to come and perform for you? Help with a project? Talk with you on the phone for hours just to keep you company? It all starts here!


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